Thursday, August 15, 2013

Visit to the Home Office

On Tuesday we were taken to visit the Home Office, we were all sooooo excited about this visit and here you can see Michelle and I about to go in, from here we could hear the Staff inside cheering as everyone entered.

As we walked in the staff were stood around the balcony of the entrance all cheering, I can't describe this moment, it was so lovely and very emotional.

We took lots of pictures before our tour began, this area is where the staff have their lunch breaks, picnic tables situated around the lovely fountain in the centre.

Here I am with the one and only Teneale Williams, such an amazingly talented demonstrator, she is worldwide famous and such a lovely person.

And I was lucky enough to have my picture taken with Shelli and Sara, two very amazing people who always manage to look so stunning.

Everywhere had that touch of Shelli, lovely vintage furniture adorned with beautiful projects

Our tour began, imagine sitting at this desk to work all day, surrounded by inspiring creations and this was one of many beautiful work areas.

We chatted with this lady who has the most amazing job of designing projects for inspiration in our catalogues, she was surrounded by product and just look at all that cardstock!!

These pictures were taken in the Legacy Room, a beautiful place at the Home Office featuring displays from catalogues, history about Stampin' Up! and lovely quotes on the walls.

We also got to walk around the Distribution Warehouse, this was awesome, boxes of parcels scooting along conveyor belts, bar codes on the box tell it when to stop in certain areas to pick up specific goodies that have been ordered, it was so clever!

These were our place settings for lunch, lovely freshly cooked pizzas with a These were our place settings for lunch, freshly cooked pizzas were served along with a salad buffet

Along with Soda, this was yummy!

After lunch we enjoyed a Make and Take Session and we received a goody bag to create our projects, it was great fun.  The guests were whisked away for a fun afternoon of bowling whilst we stamped.  Here I am with Rhoda.

After our make and take session, we were taken off in groups to do something very special, but I am not sharing anything with you expect for the photo, and hoping that the European market will be given this product offering!

So these are just a handful of pictures that I took that day, there are so many more I'd love to share with you but we'd be here forever and at some point soon I need to share some of my creations with you.

What an amazing day and an amazing opportunity, thank you Stampin' Up!


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