Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vienna Incentive Trip continued......

So this was Thursday night's pillow gift, the packaging is gorgeous in itself but the contents were just beautiful, picture will follow later, waiting for this grim day to get a little brighter so that I can take a picture of them!

After breakfast, myself, Amanda, Michelle and Paula walked down to the nearby Market, hubbies came with us too!  It was a lovely warm day, and the stalls were outstanding, gorgeous fresh produce everywhere you looked!

Here are the boys, from left, Brian, Paul, Jay and Simon

Frank was getting really thirsty by this point so we stopped here for a drink but had to move on as the restaurant wanted us to eat but with all the offerings at breakfast we just weren't ready.....

So we found another Cafe very closeby where we sat outside and enjoyed the company.  As you can see, Frank was extremely thirsty by this point, look at that smile on his face, he is in heaven!!

On our walk back from the market there were many beautiful sights but this one really caught our eye, a building painted Art Deco style which is apparently very famous.

Michelle, Simon, Jay and myself made our way back to the hotel for 1.30pm ready for our Segway Tour, more on this to follow.....

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