Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vienna Incentive Trip...Frank Manou

So in case you didn't know, Frank Manou is the Stampin' Up! Mascot and travels with the girls to the Incentive Trips.  Victoria was first to show him the wonders of Vienna, starting with the Palace which was so beautiful and he was so excited that he wanted to drive us there!

Frank and I having a little chat outside the Palace...

next stop was Strudel making, we had soooo much fun doing this, and although Jay's and mine weren't quite as large as they were supposed to be, they were nice and compact and fitted perfectly into the little boxes once they had been baked! 

It tasted better than it looks!!!

After this there were nibbles for us before we headed off to the museum.

In the evening a group of us went out for a meal which was really nice as there was time to chat and get to know each other, we finished off the evening with drinks and Cocktails at the hotel.

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