Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm back ............

........from Vienna, and what a trip it was, totally amazing and I have so much to share with you, some of which will have to wait though as I am not allowed to share it just yet!!

So just a really quick post today as I have a few things going on this week that I need to get planned and prepared for.

On arrival at the airport we were greeted and our luggage was collected ready for our transfer to the hotel.  The Grand Hotel Wien was very elegant and luxurious, here is a picture of our room....

We unpacked our bags then headed to the Hospitatlity Desk to meet everyone on their arrival and also for light refreshments.  The room was buzzing with excitement and it was lovely to meet everyone and chat.  I have pictures of the Hospitality Desk which I will share another time, but in here we have the Wheel where we get to spin each day to receive goodies and we were given a little kraft box on arrival which we could fill up with sweets on every visit, way too tempting!!!  It was a great place to meet and catch up with everyone.

Back soon with more...


  1. Oh I am soooo jealous can't wait to hear all about your trip on Friday X

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time on your first incentive trip.

    Jenny x

    1. Jenny, such a shame that you weren't able to make it this year, hopefully next year your children's exams will all be finished and you will get to experience the trip once again! xx