Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday in Vienna....

On Saturday morning, after breakfast we had our swapping session which I found really exciting!  We all congregated in the Hospitality Suite and chatted until everyone had arrived, then we all stood around the edge of the room and took it in turn to go around handing out our swaps to each person.  I received the most beautiful swaps and will be sharing them with you soon.

Here are my swaps, little mini books created using the Elegant Bird Die, containing 5 pages, one for each day of the trip, with just enough room for a couple of words to sum up each day, along with a little pen.  I totally underestimated how long these little beauties were going to take me to create and ran out of time to add the little finishing touches of tags and ribbons but still think they looked sweet without.

After swapping we went for Ice Cream, Shelli and Sterling showed us how to find this lovely place that served the most delicious ice cream by the scoop, I had Mango and Vanilla which was very cooling in the heat of Vienna.

After Ice Cream Jay and I went to do a bit of shopping before heading off to the Ferris Wheel, we stumbled across a Tiffany's and couldn't resist a purchase, after all, I needed the bracelet to match my earrings!!  Whenever I wear it I will think of the happy times we spent in Vienna.  I don't look so happy in the photo but I always take dreadful pictures which is why most of the time I am the one behind the camera!!

I also bought a Murano bead for my Pandora Bracelet, this is my memory bracelet containing only items that have been bought for me for special occasions or whilst travelling across the seas, each bead tells a story and it is very special to me.  I am sure it will take a long time to fill but I am happy to wait!

After shopping we walked a fair distance to the Ferris Wheel and pretty sure we took the scenic route as it took forever to get there, we recognised lots of places we had visited on the Segway tour and managed to find our way there with only asking one person when we were totally lost!

We stopped for nibbles late in the afternoon then hired bicycles to get ourselves back to the hotel where we got freshened up for the final night of "Goodbyes and Goodies"

Here's the lovely Paula and Victoria catching up with the days events

After going out for something to eat most of us met at the Hotel Lobby for drinks and more chat.  We were feeling pretty pooped from all that walking so headed off to bed shortly after midnight to find yet more pillow gifts awaiting me!

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