Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lovely weekend away...

We're back home from a lovely weekend away racing, thankfully all in one piece and bearing a Trophy for 2nd Place!  I am so proud of Jack, he has an amazing talent on the bike and it was a very demanding track.  During his racing career since the age of 6 he has had 2 serious accidents but he still keeps coming back for more!

When he's on the track my heart is in my stomache but I know he will only do what he feels comfortable with and although he is 18, he's still my little man.

The trophies were huge today and after all 5 races over the weekend he achieved 2nd Place with a spot on the podium.  They all agreed not to shake the Champagne today, but I can recall many a time since the age of 6 that he has taken great pleasure in spraying everyone standing nearby!

Back soon with some more crafty creations!

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  1. What fantastic photos Kerry! I understand both the pride you have in your son and your fear with what he does. It's hard not to worry about them, especially after they have been hurt. It looks like it was a wonderful weekend tho! Teri xxxx