Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Final day of Convention

Well the pictures just say it all, huge smiles everywhere!!

On the final day of Convention we had a few classes to attend that we had pre-booked before we went.  They were amazing, very interesting, informative, and fun too.

Amanda, Paula and Michelle

Myself with Rhoda

Amanda, Sue and Rhoda

There were so many display boards, it was difficult to know what to take pictures of, so inspiring!

Throughout the duration of Convention there were 25, yes 25 Prize Patrols, everyone attending was lucky enough to get prizes, along with all attendee giveaways too.

Here is Rhoda dancing up and down as they called out her colour!!

At the end of the final session it was time to wave goodbye to the 25th Anniversary Convention and it went out with a bang, literally, as thousands of pieces of silver paper fell from the ceiling, it was amazing to witness.

That evening some of us went out to an Italian Restaurant, and ate delicious food.

And on our way back we saw this outside a local bar,

then came across this

so the lovely Zoe volunteered to be our flag lady

then who should we meet but Bill and Ben!!!

What a fun evening we had!


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