Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm back from the most amazing trip......

........ wow, what an amazing 2 weeks I've had, I have sooooo many pictures to share with you so I will step it out day by day.

 I left the UK on 17th July for a flight to Salt Lake City via Paris to attend the Stampin' Up! Convention, a special event this year as Stampin' Up! are celebrating their 25th Anniversary so I knew it was going to be a very special occasion.  Stampin' Up! thankfully changed the date of this year's Incentive Trip to coincide with Convention to allow those of us who earnt the trip the opportunity of going along.

After an unfortunate delay at Heathrow, we missed our connecting flight at Paris and had a long layover as there were no other flights until the following day.  At the time we were very anxious to be at Salt Lake City and begin the celebrations of Convention but my thoughts were with Teri who's stay in SLC wasn't as long as ours but our layover allowed us time to bond and get to know each other better and looking back there are memories there that will stay with us all.

After a 24 hour delay we finally arrived at Salt Lake City with just a couple of hours to get showered and ready before Convention began at 5.00pm, sadly my luggage got left at Paris so I had to borrow a few things and need to say a HUGE THANKYOU to Michelle Last who supported me through this, helping me sort out the paperwork to ensure my suitcase arrived at the right place and lending me anything I needed.  Also huge thanks to Natalie O'Shea who invited me to her room with an offer of anything I needed to borrow, thank you lovely ladies.

So here's the queue, everyone waiting for the doors to open and the party to begin!  Nearly 6000 demonstrators came to join in the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary.

The theme this year "Be the Difference"

Before the trip we were able to pre-order special T-shirts which were waiting for us on our arrival.  Amanda had gifts for me, one of them being this gorgeous scarf which matched the t-shirt perfectly, along with a lovely tote bag with my name embroidered on.  The next picture was taken from Shelli's blog, you can visit it here, Michelle had brought flags which was a great idea.

I have lots of other pictures from this day but unfortunately I am not able to share them with you yet as we saw lots of sneak peak products which are not yet available in the European Market, hopefully they will be with us soon!

Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, the atmosphere was amazing and we met so many lovely people.



  1. Wow, looks amazing you must have had a great time, look forward to catching up xxx

  2. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, can't wait to share everything with you! I am soooo looking forward to Convention in Manchester, it's going to be soooo much fun!

  3. Looks absolutely amazing...I am aiming to be at one of these very special events with youxxxxx in the future. I can't believe your luggage went missing!!! after all that careful planning of outfits how stressful for you. Looking forward to a catch up very soon.

  4. OMG -AMAZING!!!!!!! And so glad you are back safe and sound and big sad face for the delays and the left luggage, it's pants with no pants!!!!!!! Been there and no fun- I had to wear Neil's clothes, not funny at all........! Can't wait to hear all the news and see the pictures! And spotted you line dancing - you seemed to defy gravity????? xx