Sunday, July 12, 2015

Madeira Incentive Trip Part 2

One of the highlights for me at the Incentive Trip is swapping, I can't tell you how excited I was about this, I just love how everyone shares their creativity and that I get to take a part of that away with me.
This event was lovely, and although we met early evening it was very warm and we all stood around the edge of the canopy to get a little shelter from the sun.  One by one we took turn to walk the line to swap, I loved this, getting to receive the swap and speak with the person who created it, very heart warming.  I made 54 swaps and received the same amount back, from Demonstrators around Europe and I have to say they were all beautiful and very inspiring.
Here are some pictures....... 

I was thankful to have my picture taken with Sara, and thanks to my lovely friend Monnica who took the photo for me, thankyfully one of the three you took my eyes were open!!

I love these ladies Jeni and Kerstin from Germany, I find their creations just so inspiring.

The men/guests had a little gathering arranged by Stampin' Up! whilst us ladies swapped, they also had drinks and Hors D'oeuvres like us in the bar area of the hotel.
When we were finished swapping we all met up and went off to our favourite restaurant for a lovely evening meal.  We had to have 2 tables to accommodate us all!

On Friday Stampin' Up! arranged a trip out for us on a Catamaran.
Here's a picture of some of us waiting to board our vessel!

This was such a lovely experience, to see the Dolphins swim so closely to us and the water was so clear, I was beautiful.

Whilst on our trip we did get time to ourselves to do things of our own choice and we did try and do a bit of relaxing around the pool which was lovely!

We ate out a lot too, it was nice as I got to try some different types of fish that were delicious!

More about my trip coming soon!!


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